Who we are

We are the earliest manufacture to creat the most realistic, beautiful and affordable dolls

We are the First manufacture to make the “Hybrid Dolls” in the world. Established in 2018, we are the first manufacturer to propose a silicone head combined with a tpe body. One year later, we  successively launched simulate human veins and blood vessels sex dolls. In the past years,We always specialise in the production of high quality, ultra-realistic silicone heads to accompany our super soft TPE bodies. All XY Dolls are “Hybrid Dolls”. All XYdolls’s eyebrows and eyelashes were implanted. Implanted hair is available as a paid upgrade. All XY Dolls also come with shrugging shoulders  & gel breasts as standard. 

Looking beyond reality into the future

We aim to provide as realistic experiences as possible. In order to achieve this, we have used real person as our model(168cm and 170cm). Our goal is to gain popularity among the targeted group for companionship and better sexual experiences.
Our mission is to achieve perfection, for us less is more. We focuses on high quality product in terms of product design and quality control