XYDoll-Silicone head Tpe body sexdoll 140B cup Cc


Gel filled is a breast filled with TPE that is softer than usual

Currently, the only nipple color is pink, if you have any request regarding areola size, please fill in the remarks column.

The removable type has an inner hole that can be removed. The vagina looks like an all-in-one.

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140cm B cup Silicone head& TPE body

Weight: 24kg(head included)

Breast: 70cm

Waist: 53cm

Hip: 77cm

Vagina: 18cm

Anus: 14cm

NO Oral function

Shoulder: 30 cm

Arm: 55cm

Leg: 71cm

Foot: 19cm

Additional information

Body Height

140cm B cup TPE Body, 148cm D cup TPE Body, 158cm C cup TPE body, 158cm G cup TPE body, 161cm H cup TPE body, 163cm B cup TPE body, 158cm C cup Silicone Body


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